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        中頻電爐作為散去空調或工業上廢氣的一種設備,發揮著重要的作用 橫流玻璃鋼冷卻塔,尤其是在當今工業發展的速度日益加快 玻璃鋼冷卻塔,人們 的生活水平不斷提高的情況下,注重節,成為現在越來越多人們的追求??刂扑Y源,節約緊缺的資源 噴霧玻璃鋼冷卻塔,實現資源的充 分利用,玻璃鋼冷卻塔得到了廣泛的應用。它具備耐腐蝕、強度高、重量輕、占地少、安裝都較方便,對空 調、制冷、空壓站、加熱爐及冷纜接地箱 隔離墩模具 保定電動門 銅獅子 u型槽模具 SMT貼片焊接 收費島模具 水泥井模具凝工藝等冷卻水循環系統尤為適宜。
        As a device for dispersing air conditioning or industrial waste gas, the intermediate frequency electric furnace plays an important role in the cross flow fiberglass cooling tower. Especially with the accelerating speed of industrial development and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, paying attention to conservation has become a pursuit of more and more people. Control water resources, save scarce resources spray FRP cooling tower, realize full utilization of resources, FRP cooling tower has been widely used. It has corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, small footprint, and easy installation, making it particularly suitable for cooling water circulation systems such as air conditioning, refrigeration, air compression stations, heating furnaces, and condensation processes.
        The load circuit of an intermediate frequency electric furnace includes an induction furnace (mainly an induction coil), an intermediate frequency compensation capacitor, an intermediate frequency transformer, a connecting busbar, and a water soft cable. Therefore, the failure of the load circuit is mainly caused by the loss of the original indicators of the aforementioned components. When a fault occurs in the load circuit, the following main phenomena will occur:
        1) The intermediate frequency power supply cannot start and work;
        2) Can start work, but when a certain voltage or current is reached, the inverter fails and the protection action stops;
        3) Can start - but undergoes irregular inversion and overturning;
        4) The power supply can work normally, but the phenomenon of burning out the inverter thyristor often occurs.