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        Medium frequency induction heating furnace is a type of medium frequency furnace widely used in the metal smelting industry. The medium frequency induction melting furnace has fast heating speed, high efficiency, low burning loss, and relatively low working environment temperature in the workshop, reducing the generation of smoke and dust while improving working conditions. It is a good choice for casting enterprises. So, how to choose a medium frequency induction heating furnace? Below, the editor will introduce the selection method of intermediate frequency furnaces.
        1、 Electricity conditions
        1. Transformer capacity
        目前,對于行業比較常用的SCR全橋并聯逆變中頻電源,變壓器容量和電源的數值關系:變壓器容量的數值 = 電源功率的數值 x 1.2,對于IGBT半橋串聯逆變中頻電源也叫一拖二中頻爐,一臺熔煉、一臺保溫兩臺同時工作。
        At present, for the commonly used SCR full bridge parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply in the industry, the numerical relationship between transformer capacity and power supply is: the value of transformer capacity=the value of power supply power x 1.2. For IGBT half bridge series inverter intermediate frequency power supply, it is also called a one driven two intermediate frequency furnace, where one smelting and one insulation work simultaneously.
        變壓器容量和電源功率的數值關系式為:變壓器容量的數值 = 電源功率的數值 x 1.1,變壓器是整流變壓器為了減少諧波的干擾,盡量一臺中頻電源配置一臺整流變壓器。
        The numerical relationship between transformer capacity and power supply is as follows: the value of transformer capacity=the value of power supply x 1.1. Transformers are rectifier transformers. In order to reduce harmonic interference, it is recommended to configure one rectifier transformer for each intermediate frequency power supply.
        2. Incoming voltage
        目前1000KW 以下的中頻電源一般采用三相五線制 380V,50HZ 工業用電,配置 6 脈沖單整流中頻電源;對于 1000KW 以上的中頻電源一般使用 660V 進線電壓,部分廠家也會使用575V 或 750V,但是這是非標電壓登記,在購買配件的時候有難度,不建議選用。
        At present, intermediate frequency power supplies below 1000KW generally use three-phase five wire system 380V, 50HZ industrial power, and are equipped with a 6-pulse single rectifier intermediate frequency power supply; For intermediate frequency power supplies above 1000KW, 660V incoming voltage is generally used, and some manufacturers may also use 575V or 750V. However, this is a non-standard voltage registration and it is difficult to purchase accessories, so it is not recommended to choose it.
        配置 12 脈沖的雙整流中頻電源可以通過提高進線電壓提高額定工作電壓,大功率產生的諧波會干擾電網,通過雙整流可以獲得較為平直的直流電流,負載電流為矩形波,負載電壓接近正弦波,減少電網干擾對其他設備的沖擊。不能盲目追求高電壓,低電流以達到節約能源的目的,這樣會縮短中頻爐的使用壽命,造成電元件壽命算短,不利于長期發展。
        A 12 pulse dual rectification intermediate frequency power supply can increase the rated working voltage by increasing the incoming line voltage. The harmonics generated by high-power will interfere with the power grid. Through dual rectification, a relatively straight DC current can be obtained, with a rectangular load current and a load voltage close to a sine wave, reducing the impact of power grid interference on other devices. We cannot blindly pursue high voltage and low current to achieve the goal of energy conservation. This will shorten the service life of intermediate frequency furnaces, resulting in a relatively short lifespan of electrical components, which is not conducive to long-term development.