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        Before opening the medium frequency electric furnace, it is necessary to inspect the electrical equipment, water cooling system, inductor copper pipes, etc. Only when these equipment are in good condition can the furnace be opened to ensure the safety of heat treatment, otherwise it is prohibited to open the furnace; Determine the personnel responsible for power transmission and furnace operation, and the responsible personnel shall not leave their positions without authorization. During the work period, it is necessary to supervise the external conditions of the sensors and crucibles to prevent anyone from touching the sensors and cables after power transmission, affecting the normal operation of the medium frequency electric furnace or causing safety accidents.
        2. Precautions after opening the furnace
        After the medium frequency electric furnace is turned on, during charging, the furnace material should be inspected to avoid mixing with flammable and explosive substances. In order to prevent the occurrence of capping, it is strictly prohibited to directly add cold and wet materials to the molten steel, as well as not to add larger bulk materials after the molten liquid is filled to the upper part; To avoid explosion accidents, it is necessary to ensure that the pouring site and the pit in front of the furnace are free of accumulated water and obstacles; During pouring, two people need to cooperate, and the remaining steel liquid can only be poured at the designated location and cannot be poured randomly.